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As an account management expert, I’m able to transform the way that your business thinks about its future. I perform an initial analysis of your accounts working closely with your team. Utilising my extensive accounting skills, I completely dissect all of your transactions, and provide a detailed report to outline the appropriate actions to be taken to make improvements.

What Is It?

This service involves me analysing the accounts, and making predictions for the year based on them. From this I craft a report, and this shows where the business is likely to succeed, and where it’s likely to struggle. Once all of this is collated, I offer advice on your targets, and how best to achieve them. You’re able to combine this with our consultancy services, for maximum effectiveness.


How Does It Work?

I execute an in-depth study of your accounts and the expected transactions for the upcoming year. I then provide a comprehensive report showing where the company is likely to miss targets and providing ways for it to hit them. If the company is on track, I'll help it to aim a little higher.

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