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Make Your Payroll Department More Efficient

I’m able to identify and correct issues within your payroll or HR department. My payroll outsourcing service allows me to manage this time-consuming function on your behalf, while encouraging growth across your whole business.

I’ll Help You Achieve
Your Targets

Through analysis, advice, and regular reports, I’m able to guide your company towards its goal in a purposeful way. My account management skills allow me to consolidate your company’s position, and then to offer advice based on them.

Streamline Your Operations

Using my extensive knowledge, you’re able to make your operations much more efficient. I host consultancy sessions with directors, partners, and other relevant staff, assisting them in a company’s everyday operations. This also allows us to pinpoint possible future complications thereby correcting them before they arise.

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About Richard

With more than 38 years of experience, I am in the ideal position to offer your company valuable advice. As an expert accountant, economist and owner of Urban Igloo, my skills are vast, and this means that I am able to help you in a range of ways. Having had experience in a wide range of businesses, either as a contracted consultant or as an Interim position I am able to help you help your company in a variety of ways. While much of the work I do is with businesses that are struggling, I’m also able to work with those who want to increase their profit margins further. Whatever profit you’re making, I’m able to increase it.

My Experience

While reading Economics at Aberdeen University I started my first business, which involved importing wine. This was followed by a role with a Paris-based management consultancy for nine years. I was trained in acquisition, merger, and account analysis while there. I then spent a decade in public practice as the consulting partner with a firm of registered auditors in Scotland. This was primarily in engineering, manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, investment, and paper industries. Since then, I’ve worked with businesses and charities in the UK, supporting and developing them to hit specific goals. My diverse skills, simple communication style, and passion for the industry make me the obvious choice.